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A small village only 40 m in length situated 5 km from Busseto, along the Strada del Culatello. It owes its fame to the fact that Giuseppe Verdi was born here and, as such, attracts a lot of visitors.

Verdi was born in a humble building that was a tavern-residence located at the crossroad of the village center, run by Verdi's father together with a grocery store.

Today, after having been restored, the house has become an innovative multimedia museum where visitors can wander freely from room to room with the help of a tablet and a pair of headphones which make the tour exciting and very informative in regards to the life of this great Maestro.

At the multimedia museum set up in the birth home of Giuseppe Verdi, the voice of Verdi as a child guides visitors from room to room. By touching certain points on the screen it is possible to read interesting ethnographic notes or watch brief videos with historical reconstructions set in the house itself. On some walls in the museum there are some images projected which add life to the space much like a shadow puppet show.

In the nearby church of San Michele Arcangelo (16th - 17th century) where the Maestro was baptized, there is the organ he used to play in his youth under the guidance of don Pietro Baistrocchi, the priest who was Verdi's first music teacher.

In nearby Roncole Verdi there is a permanent collection of works by Giovanni Guareschi (visits by appointment, 0524 92495) in the seat of the Study Centre dedicated to this writer from Parma who created the Don Camillo and Peppone stories.

Last update 16/12/2020

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