The Via Po, a cycle tourism itinerary in the Piacenza area

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Along the Great River, a beautiful route is the Via Po, a 110-kilometre-long cycle tourism itinerary that follows the right bank of the river, skirting the city of Piacenza and offering a different view of the Emilian territory. 

Along the river, it is worth stopping at Serafini Island, the only inhabited island on the Po, where the basin allows boats to continue their navigation to the delta. 
In addition to cycling, it is also possible to immerse oneself in the river landscape by hiking or boating and thanks to activities organised in collaboration with the Adda Sud Park. 

Another stop not to be missed is the Giarola Island Park, where the lake, dotted with water lilies and water chestnuts, meets the typical flora of the area in which elms and poplars grow. 
Bicycle routes, which can be hired on site, lead to the discovery of the park and the shores of the lake, and it is nice to stop to catch a glimpse of some of the animals of the area's rich fauna: ducks, herons, swans and even wild rabbits, which keep company with the trout, catfish, sturgeon and pike that populate the waters. 

Cycling in nature stimulates the appetite. And in this part of Emilia you will be spoilt for choice: don't miss the cacio del Po and the PDO cheeses from Piacenza, from the famous Grana Padano to Provolone Val Padana
Delicacies to be savoured in combination with Colli Piacentini PDO wines

The route is ideal for cultural stops at gems such as the Castle of San Pietro in Cerro, which houses ancient and modern treasures in the Sala delle Armi and the MIM, Museum in Motion, a constantly evolving collection of over 1,500 works by contemporary masters. 

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Last update 03/08/2022