The Art Trail in the places of Parma Ham

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In the hills where Prosciutto di Parma is born, the path Sentiero d'Arte is beautiful to follow on an e-bike. The route winds its way through vineyards and fine artistic wonders. 

Mounted in the saddle, we start from the Abbey of Santa Maria della Neve in Langhirano, an architectural gem commissioned by Pier Maria Rossi, which has traversed the centuries unscathed with its Baroque frescoes, refectory, belvedere and cloister. 

But along the itinerary, there are several works by contemporary artists to admire, set against a natural backdrop in which several native varieties have been planted, which design the landscape that follows the San Michele Canal to the village and the beautiful Torrechiara Castle, the scene of the love story between Pier Maria Rossi and Bianca Pellegrini. 

Continuing through vineyards and fields, the grand finale is the town of Langhirano, home of the Parma Ham Museum

An app allows visitors to explore various aspects of the places they pass through, thanks to technological and augmented reality tools scattered along the itinerary. 

There is an e-bike rental service in Torrechiara, which is also a starting point for visiting salumifici, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factories, wineries, prosciuttifici and participating in tasty sports and food and wine tours.

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Last update 03/08/2022