Interno Verde Parma 2023

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With Interno verde both Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May the gardens in Parma will be open, an event to explore over 40 of the most suggestive and curious private gardens in the historic centre, through which it can be possible to read the city’s history, changes and its past.

Places of great charm as well as significant historical and architectural value, to be explored with curiosity on foot or by bicycle, being guided and accompanied by the paper map or digital map, by the book which includes descriptions and photographs, or by the audio guide.

Once registered, the kit booked online can be collected from Friday 19 May at the infopoint (location to be defined). 

During the two opening days dedicated to the different cities, it will be possible to independently choose which places to visit and freely build one's own itinerary.

Information offices

IAT Parma
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1 Parma (PR)
telephone:+ 39 0521 218889 Opening: Annual
Last update 25/04/2023

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