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Vigoleno village is located on the border of the province of Parma a few kilometers from Castell’Arquato.

Why visit it

Vigoleno is characterized by the elegance of its forms. 

Certified among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Vigoleno is a perfect example of the housing logic of the Middle Ages. From the main square, where the sixteenth-century fountain is located, going east you reach the Romanesque church of San Giorgio, dating back to the second half of the twelfth century.

When to go and what to see

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the village.

Room with a view

For a fairy-tale overnight stay, it is possible to rent a suite inside Vigoleno Castle

All the suites have old-fashioned original furnishings but also all the modern comforts necessary to make your stay perfect.

Do not miss

The walls are imposing, partly covered by a panoramic walkway: the bulk of the quadrangular keep stands out with its loopholes, corbels and Ghibelline battlements, with four floors of visit. The small theatre inside the most recent part of the castle is worth a visit.

On the table

Vin Santo di Vigoleno is a wine with a controlled designation of origin. The vinification, mandatory aging, bottling and bottle aging operations must only be carried out within the administrative territory of the municipality of Vernasca.

Keep Fit

From Vigoleno starts the Anello dei briganti (map), a circuit of about 21 kilometers that reaches Vernasca on the east side of the Ongina stream and returns from the west side, passing through Monte Ciocca. In the flowering season you can admire the golden brooms.

Main events

The wonder markets(Mercatini delle meraviglie)  are held annually. In spring and autumn "Vinoleno" celebrates the local wine, with tastings and exhibitions.


A short distance away, Vernasca (8 km) is worth a visit with the old church dedicated to San Colombano surrounded by a small garden, which often hosts live music. 

The surviving parts of the church are flanked by the ancient rectory which currently houses the Provincial Visitor Center of the Via Francigena. 10 km away is also Castell’Arquato which impresses and fascinates the visitor with its intact medieval atmosphere.

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Castell'Arquato
Piazza del Municipio - Castell'Arquato (PC)
+ 39 0523 803215 + 39 0523 803563
Last update 12/03/2024

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