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Viano is a small town in the Reggio Emilia area not far from the capital Reggio Emilia.

Why visit it

The territory of Viano, called Querciolese cause the significant presence of the oak tree in the area, is a basin with a characteristic hammer shape.

The capital is made up of a set of villages, such as Cadonega, Corte, Minghetta, marked by the presence of tower houses - a singular aspect of the entire valley basin - probably of late medieval origin.

In the vicinity of the Town Hall stands the Castle of Viano dating back to the fourteenth century, site of the oldest settlement in the country.

On the table

Vianese cuisine offers a wide variety of long-established catering facilities, with typical dishes: a simple flake of Parmigiano Reggiano with a good glass of Lambrusco and a few drops of balsamic vinegar, Erbazzone, ciccioli, cappelletti, the tortelli with pumpkin or herbs, the black cake and tagliatelle, the casagai, the ciambellone (“busilan”) represent the culinary specialties.


Viano is part of the so-called Terre Matildiche (Matildica Lands), evidence of what was once the dominion of Matilde di Canossa. For all visitors to the area it is therefore essential to rediscover the fortresses and castles that have defended the territory here for hundreds of years.

Last update 10/03/2021