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Rossena is a small village in the municipality of Canossa, not far from Reggio Emilia. The town is famous for its homonymous castle, an ancient military fortress placed in defense of the Canossa's Castle.

Why visit it

Unlike may other castles that were converted into aristocratic homes, Rossena Castle has remained intact as a genuine war machine which had to block possible enemy attacks from the Enza Valley.

According to some historians, it was Azzo Adelberto who initiated the construction around 950. The castle can be visited and there are places to stay.

Keep Fit

Rossena is located on an alluvial terrace surrounded by the badlands mountain ranges of the province of Parma and those of the municipality of Canossa, in particular behind the town is the verdant Mount Albano behind which you can see next to the castle of Canossa, covered with oak woods.

Here it is possible to experience hiking and trekking in all its forms: from long walks in the countryside, to the most adventurous mountain bike, without forgetting the fun rides on your horse.


Rossena is part of the so-called Terre Matildiche (Matildiche Lands), evidence of what was the dominion of Matilde di Canossa. For all visitors to the area it is therefore essential to rediscover the fortresses and castles that have defended the territory here for hundreds of years.

Last update 10/03/2021

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