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Caseificio San Pier Damiani

It was 21 February 1964 when, with the blessing of the parish priest of San Donato, the foundation stone was laid for the Latteria Sociale Coop. San Pier Damiani named after the saint of the day.

The dairy was born out of the willingness of fifteen farming families to cooperate; today, it is the Delsante family alone that produces 14 cheeses a day from brown and Friesian cows. 
In 1846, the head of the family, Pietro Delsante, worked as a farmer and since then, five more generations have followed. 
The hard work of one generation found its fruits in the next, in the migration from the mountains to the plains and the transition from sharecroppers to owners of the land that the Delsante family still cultivates today, safeguarding natural cycles and specialising in the production of good milk for Parmigiano-Reggiano
Today Elvezio and his son Saverio, taking up that legacy of hard work, ancient knowledge and passion, cultivate biolche, breed Friesian cows and control the production chain from the field to the excellent Parmigiano Reggiano.  

Now the dairy opens its doors to all visitors who are interested in discovering the secrets of the famous King of Cheeses through guided tours with tastings
On this tour all the senses will be gratified: from sight, viewing the production process, to smell thanks to the scents of the cheese in the maturing room, but above all taste with a vertical tasting. 
There is also a sales outlet for competitively priced purchases.

Last update 07/02/2023