Podere Musiara

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Podere Musiara

This is a Family-run Farm in Carpineti (near Reggio Emilia). The vegetable garden and the fruit trees are cultivated respecting the permaculture method: creation of a self-sufficient system with low maintenance which always reproduces the forest’s environment with different kind of crop which can live together. The plants are reproduced by the farmers from seeds, cutting or graft. The vegetable garden products follow the seasonality and the majority of the plants are reseed every year. Now are available Chestnut trees, Hazelnut trees and Nuts trees

The have created a natural space for the pigs breeding which live all the year in the forest (1 hector for 25 pigs). They also sell salame, sausages, pigs ribs and chops

In the barn there is a wide kitchen are suitable for labs and also a tasting sessions wide panoramic room which overlooking the Secchia River Valley and dominates the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Arch. It’s possibile to rent the room for private events, in particular for children that here can play safety.

The lab transform always the chestnuts for being put in a syrup or for jams. They produce also seasonal jams like: apricots, willd plums and others. 

It’s a good starting point for doing wonderful trekking for visiting Carpineti Castle, San Vitale Fortress and Fasola’s giant bench. Here there are also the Spallanzani Path and Via Matildica del Volto Santo

Last update 01/06/2021