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    Str. Borgo, Bazzano, 2 - Neviano degli Arduini
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Museo Uomo Ambiente

The Human Environment Museum located in Bazzano, was inaugurated on the 14 December 2003 and is placed in a tower-house build during 1200, located in the center of historical village. It was created and managed by “Il Camino” Cultural Group. 

The recent exhibitions develop the path about the processing of hemp and about of wine culture. They are museal assembly which involve the visitors non only about the knowledge of cultural techniques and products processing from the hemp and from the grape; in addition, they want to allow the visitor, adult or child, to create his narration through an interactive relation with the things that he or she sees, touches, uses, tastes and listens.

The Didactic Paths are for the pupils in primary and elementary schools who enter in the Museum accompanied by Uvolotto Canapino, the character invented for them. 

The Museum’s Garret is always the magic place from where the children and the adults struggle to break away: it’s the place where it’s possible to play with the wheat or live, through some tools, moments which return softly and intensely to memory; it’s also the place where it’s possibile to create a wonderful art works exhibition.

The museum was thought as a meeting place and now they are working about the “Community Map”.

Accessibility: the ground floor is accessible directly and the other floors are accessible by a virtual tour on the touch screen

 The Museum has obtained the Emilia Romagna Quality Museum award

Last update 01/06/2021