Merusi 1876

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Merusi 1876

1876 ​​marks the beginning of a journey that represents the Merusi family in the production of cured meats and in particular Parma ham.

Our family of products offers a selection of local meats, cheeses and wines, carefully chosen from our experience and worked for us by local artisans, an exclusive for lovers of good taste and for all those looking for genuine products without the addition of preservatives and colorings.

The curing process of the cured meats takes place in cool, dry cellars and once they have reached maturity they are displayed in our shop, releasing a delicate fragrance that is difficult to resist.

The shop is located in a central position, next to the beautiful Piazzale della Pace in Parma, a symbol of ducal power with the Palazzo della Pilotta, an ancient historic palace of the Farnese family which today houses the Archaeological Museum, the Palatine library, the National Gallery and the Farnese Theater.

In our shop you can not only buy our products but also taste them with a sandwich or a delicious cutting board and why not accompany it with a good Rigoletto (our sparkling red) or our local wines (Orlando, Duchessa, Maria Vittoria, Ambra Rosé ) and craft beers.


Last update 01/06/2021