Cork Museum

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Cork Museum

The museum, opened in 2006, is located on the ground floor of the Service Center “Teresa Romei Correggi” in Cervarezza Terme, renowned tourist resort of Ventasso Municipality and considered an integral part of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park.

The museum consists of an exhibition hall in which there are 18 typical corkmanufacturing machines exposed according to either their processing steps or following their historical evolution. The exhibition illustrates the history and culture of cork manufacturing in Cervarezza, its origins and relationships with pastoralism and transhumance through the exposure of panels, photographs, newspaper articles and documents.

The exhibition hall is flanked to a screening room where it is possible to watch an informative video about Cervarezza, which tells through the testimony of a pastor and some of the older women of the village, the history of this ancient tradition. The video ends with the cork manufacturing phases and with the evolution of this process today with reference to the local factories, which are still present in the area. 

The Cork Museum’s tourist information office is also an important reference point for tourism, cultural activities and voluntary work of the entire municipality.

Last update 16/09/2021