Roccabianca Castle

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Castello di Roccabianca

The Roccabianca Castle is a typical castle located in the Bassa Parmense, build during 1400 by Pier Maria Rossi the Second. Owned by Scaltriti Family, distillery FALED owner, in Roccabianca, it was opened to the public after a restoration period during 2002.

Inside you will be catapulted properly in a journey along the time from the origins of the bulwark, with the decorations of the courtyard porch. Here the dedications by Rossi to his lover Bianca Pellegrini are mixed with the coats of arms of the family, covered later by Pallavicino Family. 

It’s possibile also see the famous Griselda’s Room, where it is represented the hundredth novel from the Boccaccio’s Decameron, which original decorations are exhibited in Castello Sforzesco in Milan, but it’s possibile to see the reproductions made by Gabriele Calzetti painter. 

Between the Renaissance and early Baroc period could be the rooms wanted by Ragnoni Family from Modena, characterized by wonderful views and scenes of noble life. Suggestive is the view from the keep of the courtyard, a rare example of double nut  tower, from where, during the days with good weather, it’s possible to see the Torrazzo di Cremona. It’s possibile to go down in the cellars, where it’s possibile to admire the ancient oak barrels, utilized for aging spirits between 1970 and 1990. For ending the trip there are the Vinegar Farm (Acetaia), located in the Fortress crawl space and the Distillerie FALED Museum, where it’s possibile to taste the spirits made by them. 

Last update 01/06/2021