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Astrea Società Cooperativa

Astrea Cooperative was founded in March 2017, from the experience in the field of scientific communication gained by the Ammonite Cooperative (PR) and by the A.Ti. ESSE Indvidual Company (PR), already in collaboration for several projects and with twenty years of experience in environmental and naturalistic education.

Among the winners of the Start Cup Emilia Romagna 2015 Edition, Stirone and Piacenziano Park Section with the "Vivi Museo" project, the Cooperative aims to spread scientific culture to a wide audience through educational packages, workshops, guided tours, animations with planetarium support and, as Environmental Hiking Guides, trekking along paths suitable for everyone.

Astera aims to spread scientific culture and promote Naturalistic Museums and Scientific-Technological Centers through museum and scientific education actions; to do this, it uses an innovative methodology, based on interactivity, experimentation and multimedia, in order to make scientific discovery a fun and exciting adventure.

Last update 01/06/2021