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Steckli Pastry

The history of the Steckli pastry shop begins in the 1920s, following the copious emigration of Engadine confectioners and grocers who made their exquisite art known and appreciated in much of Europe.

Among these, Maurizio Steckli, an artist of sweets, chose Borgotaro to start his fine confectionery business, which soon became renowned and known throughout the area.

At the beginning of the fifties, Mrs. Maria Tagliavini became his employer and was able to learn the recipes and secrets of her master. About ten years later, together with her husband Ugo, she took over the business which is still managed by the Tagliavini family, in collaboration with her children Paola and Giovanni.

Thus the Swiss pastry art has been handed down unchanged and today we can taste, among others, some typical sweets such as Amor with its soft, delicate and greedy cream, which seems to escape every bite, the Spongata, the Amaretti Cake and the nougat used in Naples, prepared with the same ancient recipes and genuine and top quality ingredients.

In accordance with the tradition of pastry, the trade and the pouring of wines and spirits of prestigious brands have been increased. This activity has found new impetus thanks to the experience and passion of Giovanni, sommelier and admirer, who takes care of the selection of wine products from all Italian regions, with a careful look at the news from many foreign countries around the world.

Last update 19/08/2021