The UNESCO sites in Emilia

From the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines to the Baptistery of Parma, World Heritage Sites

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The area between Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia boasts places so dense and important on a global scale that they have earned the attention and prestigious certification of UNESCO, the organisation that implicitly establishes what you must do, see or taste at least once in your life. 

Step by step, in this itinerary we will take you on a discovery of all the UNESCO heritage sites in Emilia, from nature areas to cities of art to gastronomy.

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    72 hours
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    Culture & Castles
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  • First stop - Tuscan-Emilian Apennines UNESCO MaB Reserve Ventasso

    Our journey among the Unesco sites in Emilia starts from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, which became a MaB (Man and Biosphere) Reserve in 2015. 

    We suggest you immerse yourself in its trails and discover them in every season: under the summer sun, amidst the blossoms of spring, wrapped in the mantle of autumn leaves or in the white winter snow, with boots, snowshoes or skis.

  • Second stop - Gessi Traissici new World Heritage Site Castelnovo né Monti

    The second leg of our itinerary takes us to the most recent UNESCO site in Emilia. In fact, the Apennines of Reggio Emilia obtained certification in September 2023.  

    Precisely, UNESCO has elevated the Triassic Gypsums of the Secchia Valley (between Villa Minozzo, Castelnovo ne' Monti and Ventasso) and the Messinian Gypsums of the Reggio Emilia hills to World Heritage status. 

    The Chalks create a very evocative landscape, present in only 1% of the Italian territory. A combination of scenic beauty, geodiversity and biodiversity that has deserved the attention of the international public. 

  • Third stop - Po Grande UNESCO MaB Reserve Boretto

    The third stop on this itinerary is the MaB Biosphere Reserve of the Po Grande, which includes the three provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia

    The Great River is not just a waterway, but a living, integral part of the existence of a population that relives its history in its waters. 

    We invite you to discover this landscape, as concrete as it is fairy-tale, where woods and clearings, streams and ponds alternate with urban centres. 

    There are many means by which you can explore it, for example on a mountain bike, on foot, by canoe or by boat.

  • Fourth stop - Parma Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy Parma

    The city of Parma is the first Unesco Creative City for gastronomy in Italy. 

    Set out to discover the place that has turned food into a true art: Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Prosciutto di Parma PDO, Culatello di Zibello PDO, Salame di Felino PGI, Fungo Porcino di Borgotaro PGI, are just some of the excellences of this territory, which has become an authentic legend of good food and quality.

    Never as in this case can it be said that, to truly understand a city, one must learn to distinguish its flavour.

  • Fifth stop - Parma Baptistery Parma

    We remain in the city of Parma, which at every turn offers sudden glimpses of beauty both artistically and architecturally. 

    The Pilotta complex, the Palazzo Ducale and the Teatro Regio are part of an astonishing mosaic that has perhaps its most brilliant piece in the Baptistery

    As well as being one of the most interesting medieval monuments in Europe, the Baptistery shares with Stonehenge, the Pantheon in Rome and the pyramids of Egypt the UNESCO list of the world's most valuable sites

    In Piazza Duomo you can also visit the Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace.

Last update 17/04/2024


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