By bike among the duchy residences

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An itinerary by bike, from the lowland to the hills, to discover the residences of Duchessa Maria Luigia: Colorno, Parma and Sala Baganza.

This itinerary by bike is PR1 of Pedalart; the distance is 76 km with a difference in height of 471 mt. The details of the itinerary is on the website of Tourer and for further information you can contact the FIAB Parma association.

  • Duration
    24 hours
  • Interests
    SPA & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Reggia di Colorno Colorno

    The bike itinerary departs from Parma; skirting the Parma stream embankment and following low traffic roads, you arrive in Colorno, at the magnificent Reggia di Colorno. The first destination of the Duchess Maria Luigia in her new Duchy, in 1816, was this Royal Palace, her future summer residence.

    After visiting the Royal Palace, you can also make a stop at the nearby Oasi LIPU di Torrile.

  • Second stop - Abbazia di Valserena Parma

    Continuing towards the Naviglio Alto canal, we return to Parma. Along the way you will meet the ancient Pieve di Gainago and then arrive at the Abbey of San Martino dei Bocci, also known as the Abbey of Valserena, an ancient Cistercian monastery where today is CSAC - Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione dell’Università di Parma; it is a fascinating place in all seasons, both when it is surrounded by sunflowers in summer, and when it is enveloped in the typical Parma fog in late autumn. It seems that the fascinating and mysterious Abbey inspired Stendhal for his famous novel La Certosa di Parma.

  • Third stop - Ducal Park Parma

    Back on your bike, you will soon return to the city and, after crossing the Ponte delle Nazioni, you will enter the monumental Ducal Park: along its avenues you can admire the statues by Boudard, the ancient vases, the Trianon fountain and the Palazzo Ducale, commissioned by Ottavio Farnese in 1561 and built on a design by Vignola.
    The park became public only with the arrival of Maria Luigia, who decided to open it also to her citizens, before then the entrance was reserved for the lords who ruled the city. 
    Near the park there are all the main museums of the city.

  • Fourth stop - Rocca San Vitale in Sala Baganza Sala Baganza

    Finally we go towards the hill, along the Via Baganza cycle path, arriving in Sala Baganza, about 15 km from Parma, whre in the beautiful Rocca Sanvitale is the Wine Museum in its cellars.
    In a short time, from here you arrive at the Boschi di Carrega and the Casino dei Boschi, a beautiful jewel. Of great naturalistic, historical and cultural interest, the elegant park was established in 1982 and was the first park in the Emilia Romagna Region.

Last update 20/06/2023


Tourist Information Office Colorno
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi Colorno (PR)
+ 39 0521 521370
Tourist Information and Reservation Office Parma
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi Parma (PR)
+ 39 0521 218889
Tourist Information Office Sala Baganza
Piazza Antonio Gramsci 2 Sala Baganza (PR)
+ 39 0521 331342

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