Piranesi Roma Basilico

Engravings by Giambattista Piranesi and photographs by Gabriele Basilico

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    Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 19 - Parma
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    Art and exhibtion
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    Culture & Castles
  • Date
    Apr 1 - May 21 2023
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A decade after his death, PARMA 360 Festival celebrates a tribute to the great photographer Gabriele Basilico with an exhibition, from 1 April to 21 May, set up at the Governor's Palace of Parma which benefits from loans and the collaboration of the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice. 

The exhibition Piranesi Roma Basilico compares the ancient city of Rome in the engravings by Giambattista Piranesi (Venice, 1720 - Rome, 1778) to the contemporary city portrayed in the photographs by Gabriele Basilico (Milan 1944 - 2013). 

Visitors can admire some of the most symbolic places of the eternal city represented by the original chalcography prints made in the 18th century by the Venetian engraver and by the same number of views of Rome by the Milanese photographer, made with the same angles as Piranesi's engravings. 

Basilico, inspired by the famous pages that the writer Marguerite Yourcenar dedicated to Giambattista Piranesi in the early 1960s, has retraced all the places in Piranesi's views with his camera, restoring their extraordinary modernity. 

The exhibition is part of PARMA 360 Festival of contemporary creativity the theme of which is CROSSOVER.

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