Archaeological Park of the Neolithic Village of Travo

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To travel in Prehistory, you must visit the Archaeological Park of the Neolithic village of Travo S. Andrea (PC), in Val Trebbia, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Northern Italy, discovered in the 80s.

The Park preserves houses, storage pits, pebble walls, ovens for cooking meat, the fencing of the area where the prehistoric structures are preserved, the greening of the surrounding area, the construction of a reception room and educational areas. 
Fascinating are the reconstructions of three Neolithic huts brought to light by the excavation, furnished with wooden objects, ceramic vases, stone tools characteristic of the community that lived in S. Andrea 6,000 years ago, as well as the recent inauguration of a new area with the reconstruction of part of an extensive early medieval necropolis of 117 tombs identified in S. Andrea, not far from the Neolithic site.  

To learn more about its history, in the medieval village of Travo, there is the Civic Archeological Museum located in the Anguissola Castle, with archeological materials found during excavation campaigns and an exhibition that leads to the discovery of the ancient population of the Trebbia Valley from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages.

Last update 11/12/2021

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