San Secondo Parmense

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 The village is in the lowland of Parma and it is about 11 km from the Po river.

Why visit it

Important agricultural centre of ancient origin along the Strada del Culatello, it was the domain and the official residence of the Rossi counts and marquis until 1817.

Do not miss

Places of interest include the Rossi Castle which dates back to the mid 15th C and was commissioned by Pier Maria Rossi II (Il Magnifico) in the first half of the 15th century, largely damaged at the end of the same century and rebuilt in the early 16th century, in Renaissance style.

Other museums and monuments: the Oil Museum Orsi Coppini, one of the regional food museums, of the Church dell’Annunciata, the Oratory of the Serraglio and the parish church of San Genasio, the oldest Romanesque building in the Parma lowlands.

On the table

San Secondo is famous also for gastronomy, in particular for the typical Spalla and the Fortana wine.

Main events

The Fortanina and Spalla Cotta fair, a modern reinterpretation of the millenary August fair.

Arte e suggestioni in Rocca, guided art tour by night in the Castle.

Information offices

Tourist Information San Secondo Parmense
Via Felice Cavallotti 18 San Secondo Parmense (PR)
telephone:+ 39 0521 873214 + 39 0521 871500
Last update 05/01/2021

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