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It is a small town in the low part of the Trebbia Valley, nestled on the right shore of the Trebbia River in the area of the Piacenza hills where the lowlands cease and the valley narrows, along the first extensions of Ligurian Apennines. 

Why visit it

In the past it was a strategic place for the military control of the lowlands because there were two castles that don’t exist anymore today.

In summer, it is a destination for people, coming from Piacenza and nearby areas, who want to relax and have fun.

When to go and what to see

Summer is the the best period for spending holidays or leisure time in Rivergaro: many one day-tourists find in the village a shelter from the hot weather: there is an equipped area along the river Trebbia and many events arranged by local associations.

Do not miss

The Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie stands above Piazza Paolo, on the castle ruins and it’s a unique point of view on the hills. From there, a path leads to the small Madonna fountain.

The parish Church of Saint Agata was built in the early years of the XIX century and Saint Rocco oratory was rebuilt on a pre-existing religious construction in 1613; they are both worth a visit.

On the table

In the town and in the nearby areas you can taste typical local food with PDO, DOC and PGI brands on the Route of wines and tastes of Piacenza hills


You can’t leave Rivergaro without a visit of the old town, with its winding roads, houses made of stones and a wonderful noble Villa.

For those looking for fun, the River Aquatic Park puts at their disposal aquatic games and water slides for all ages.

Keep Fit

In Rivergaro there are many possibilities to practice sports in dedicated structures and outside. 

Not far from the town, there is a sports centre with football, tennis, paddle, and an outdoor swimming pool for the summer. 

The Trebbia Cycle Route in the Fluvial Park of the Trebbia River crosses many municipalities and connects Piacenza to Rivergaro, on a 50 km circular circuit.

For trekking lovers, there is a path that starts from the old town, crosses a stretch called Bagnolo, and arrives in its most sloping tract in Ponte dell’Olio, in the Nure Valley. It is about 20 km long and entirely within sight, avoiding travellers to get lost.

Main events

In addition to the well-known Sant’Antonio fair (which takes place on the first Sunday after 4th July) and other local food fairs like "Festa dello Striccio" (in the end of June), Rivergaro is the reference point for some initiatives that have become a classic in a a short time: the Grill Contest (second to last week in April), and Madonna of the Castle Fair (second Sunday in September).

All year long, the "Circolo della lettura" (Reading Circle of Rivergaro) organizes and proposes cultural and exhibition.


A few km from Rivergaro lays the town of Rivalta, famous for its castle, a property of the Landi family: it is one of the best preserved and decorated of all the province.

Another must-visit destination is the neogothic town Grazzano Visconti, which is 10 km from Rivergaro: every year thousands of tourists from all around Italy come and visit it.
Nearby the Castles of Niviano and Montechiaro (private castles) can be appreciated only from the outside. Together with other manors in this part of the territory, mark and characterize the landscape. 

Information offices

IAT Bobbio
Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio (PC)
+ 39 0523 962815 iat@comune.bobbio.pc.it Opening: Annual
Last update 13/03/2024

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