Pianello Val Tidone

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Pianello Val Tidone is a small town wedged in the hills, in the western area of the province.

Why visit it

A hilly center in the heart of an area rich in nature, archeology, history, castles and stretches of vineyards. 

When to go and what to see

The hilly coolness makes it a summer resort, while the wine production is an attraction during autumn.

Do not miss

The Church of St. Maurizio, the Rocca dal Verme, now the city hall offices, and the Archaeological Museum of Val Tidone are worth a visit.

On the table

The typical Piacenza cuisine finds here as strengths the PDO cured meats and meat dishes: picùla ad caval (minced horse meat cooked with vegetables) and cotechino (cooked salami).

Keep Fit

The associations active in the area offer trekking and MTB opportunities along the Tidone path.

Main events

The season of fairs and festivals opens with the festival of Galeina Grisa (grey hen) at the end of April and continues until Autumn. 
In August "Calici di Stelle'' represents an important event for food and wine tourism. 
In September, in addition to the patronal feast of Saint Maurizio, there is “Pianello Frizzante” as part of the Valtidone Wine Fest. 
In the second half of the year, some musical events are not to be missed: the Apennine Festival and the Val Tidone Festival which are held in various locations in the valley. 


In the surrounding area, the mighty Rocca d'Olgisio and the remains of fortifications in the towns of Arcello, Castellaro, and Fontanese give the idea of ​​how in the past the territory was an important outpost for medieval noble families. 

Last update 04/04/2023

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