Lesignano dè Bagni

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Lesignano is near Parma stream, altitude 252 m. and just 8 km from Langhirano.

Why visit it

Lesignano lies along the Strada del Prosciutto (Parma Ham Trail) within the Lands of Matilde di Canossa and conserves a number of traces of that past including Vallombrosana Abbey at San Michele Cavana founded in 1111 with contributions from the Da Palude Counts and Matilde di Canossa.

Within the municipal area is the Parish Church of San Michele which was documented as early as 1230 and which retains some 12th c. Romanesque features.


Nearby, in Rivalta there is the Parco dei Barboj where you can see the Salse and the Calanchi, small craters from which water and mud mixed with gaseous emanations come out.

In San Michele Cavana the Basilica of San Basilide is a Vallombrosan Romanesque abbey located on a green hill whose original layout dates back to the 12th century and which was an important stopping point for travelers and pilgrims. Tradition has it that the remains of St. Basilide are kept in the crypt.

Last update 23/12/2020