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Carpineti is located in the hills of Reggio Emilia, between Secchia and Tresinaro valleys. It is an important agricultural, industrial and craft center, that has recently assumed importance as a weather station. The high landscape value of this territory, marked by cultivated fields and small ancient villages with churches and fortified towers, has made it a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Do not miss

It is worth visiting the castle of the Carpinete, which overlooks the village. It was one of the medieval fortresses of the powerful Canossa noble family, a favourite residence of Countess Matilda who often stayed here during the Investiture Struggle between the Catholic Church and the Empire; it is located in a strategic position on Mount Antognano. Unfortunately, the castle has not been preserved intact, but it is equally impressive and offers a view from the Apennine ridge, up to the plain.

Keep Fit

In the town of Carpineti there are many paths and roads, ideal for walking in nature enjoying the landscape of the Reggiano Apennines. Here pass two well-known trekking and hiking trails, one is the “Via Matildica del Volto Santo”, that connects in a series of stages Mantua with Lucca and crosses this area. The second is the Spallanzani Trail which runs from Scandiano to the Apennine ridge, to San Pellegrino in Alpe.

Main events

The millenary San Vitale Fair is the most important event: it takes place in the last weekend of August, with food stands, km0 products, and a market with all kinds of merchandise.

The festival of the Scarpazzone is also famous: every year in mid-July it celebrates the main gastronomic product of the area, the scarpazzone, precisely.

Every year during October weekends there is the Chestnut Festival in Marola, which welcomes thousands of people who love this fruit and nature.


There are many hamlets to discover, with stone houses and medieval churches, such as San Donnino or Valestra. Marola is a popular summer resort, surrounded by a century-old chestnut grove. The production of chestnuts is celebrated every year in October with a Festival. The historical events of Marola are closely linked to those of the homonymous medieval Abbey founded by Countess Matilda of Canossa at the end of the eleventh century and represents an important center of spirituality.

About 5 km from Carpineti stood the ancient Pieve of S. Vitale. Today the complex has become a museum, with a hostel and restaurant, with large fileds frequented especially in summer.

Last update 29/12/2020

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