Bagnolo in Piano

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Bagnolo in Piano, located north of the administrative centre, of which it is effectively an extension, is a flourishing agricultural and industrial centre which has now a renewed appearance thanks to modern urban interventions. 

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The most important building and the richest in history is the Tower of the fortress, also known as “Torrazzo” by the local people. The construction dates back to 1354 and was commissioned by the Gonzaga family to fortify the town, it was a transit centre on the very important communication route between Reggio Emilia and Mantua.

The fortress was destroyed at the beginning of the XVIII century by the French: only the Tower remained and, since then, has been restored several times, becoming a symbol of the town’s history.

The large parish church dedicated to San Francesco da Paola stands in the central Piazza Garibaldi. Still in the heart of the town, Teatro Gonzaga, with a simple but pleasing late Art Nouveau style, offers an interesting theatre programme.

Main events

September Fair - first weekend of September
Stalls, music, performances and exhibitions.


In the hamlet of the same name is the Pieve Rossa (Red Parish Church), referred to as far back as the IX century and subject to numerous renovations. It was built with three-nave Romanesque plan with terracotta pillars and a trussed roof.

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