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The Sant’Andrea Spa in Medesano was founded in the late nineteenth century, when Giacomo and Carlo Ponci came across the town's natural springs. Since then, in the elegant ambiance of this Liberty-style building surrounded by rolling hills, guests at the spa have benefited from the healing properties of seven different types of water.

The Sant’Andrea Spa has a health centre for specialist appointments, as well as a thermal pool with iodide-rich saltwater and two vascular therapy systems with massaging water jets to boost blood circulation, supplied with sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water. Guests can take rounds of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, or benefit from the therapeutic properties of the water by simply soaking in the pools.

Thermal waters

The waters that reach the Sant’Andrea Spa flow from rock deep under the Parma hills. These waters are calcium-rich sulphur water, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water, magnesium-rich sulphur water, alkaline water, sulphur water, iron and potassium-rich water and detoxifying water: seven different physical-chemical compositions, each giving rise to a unique combination of therapeutic effects.

For instance, the sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water stimulates the body and helps to reduce inflammation, making it ideal for treating disorders such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and rheumatism. In addition to these properties, the calcium-rich sulphur water can provide relief for skin disorders.

There is a wide array of thermal water treatments available at the facility, suitable for adults and children alike. These include inhalations, mineral water treatments, baths for treating skin and rheumatic joint disorders, and rhinogenic deafness and motor rehabilitation therapies: each disorder is matched with its own customised therapy to ensure guests get the most out of the health benefits that these waters provide.

Swimming pool and gym

Fitness also plays an important role in restoring and regenerating the body. This is why theSant’Andrea Spa provides guests with a series of classes held in the thermal pool and a selection of rehabilitation therapies to help regain physical fitness.

The centre also has a gym to develop and tone muscle mass and to improve posture through a range of different classes available, from pilates to gymnastics.


Last update 13/05/2021

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