In the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the largest family adventure park in Italy

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Cerwood is the biggest adventure park in Italy. Within the park, there are 27 courses and more than 220 games for children and adults, plus a restaurant serving local cuisine, mountain bike rental facilities and the opportunity to explore the surrounding forest of centuries-old beech trees.

Nestled within the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park, Cerwood is located near Cervarezza, in the mountains of Reggio Emilia. The park’s low-mineralised water springs and fragrant undergrowth create the right atmosphere for a walk or a picnic in the rest areas.

However, not before you have tried the adventure courses. For children who are at least one metre tall, Cerwood has the specially-designed Baby and Junior Adventure Course: 11 different ways to discover the forest and experience the thrill of walking through the air along a system of net tunnels, fixed and swinging walkways and logs. All in the utmost safety, thanks to the presence of instructors and special equipment that allows you to stay firmly hooked to a safety wire along the entire path.

With a total of 16 adventure courses for adults, you really will be spoilt for choice. For children who are 1.40 metres tall and over, they have created a course that crosses the entire park and includes 7 zip-line descents. Cerwood’s most difficult course is also well worth trying out, which requires a lot of stability and coordination, with sections that are 25 metres high and a zip-line descent that is over 60 metres long.

Thrills await the intrepid explorers who enter the Big Jumps area. In addition to two 15-metre high climbing walls with different levels of difficulties, in this part of the park, you can feel a sensation similar to a parachute jump thanks to the free-fall jump from a platform located 18 metres above the forest floor. For mystery lovers, Cerwood offers the experience of the Escape Wood, an adventure in the woods in search of a group of explorers who have disappeared.

Among the other things to do there is a magical walk in the woods to discover gnomes, a playground for children from 0 to 8 years of age with many games, such as a go-kart track, a suspended net and slides to explore with the gnomes.

Cerwood also includes a sports area where visitors can try their hand at paintball, archery and target shooting, as well as an airsoft maze and mountain bike and e-bike rental facilities within walking distance of the park.

Open from April to October, entrance to the Adventure park is free of charge; you only pay for the activities you choose to do. It is also possible to combine your visit with a Canyoning excursion in the Schiocchi del Secchia and the via ferrata of Pietra di Bismantova.


Last update 30/08/2021

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