Teatro Sociale Danilo Donati

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Teatro Sociale Danilo Donati

Building works started in 1813 thanks to the local theatre company, the theatre has lived several difficult events. It was inaugurated October 2, 1852 with the opera "Capulets and Montagues" by Vincenzo Bellini. 

During the thirthies and the fourthies it hosted, in addition to traveling companies, shows by the local Società Filodrammatica and Società filarmonica luzzarese; the theatre was also used as dance and cinema hall. 
Occupied during World War two, after Liberation it temporarily became a funeral home for local partisans. Later, it hosted carneval and New year's eve parties only, and then it was sold to private buyers who converted it into a storage space. During the Seventhies, as testified by Gianni Berengo Gardin's photos for the book "Un paese vent'anni dopo" (A country after twenty years), it also became a garage. It was later bought by the local municipality and in 1988 began restoration works that soon were stopped due to insufficient funds. Finally, a sort of miracle happened: the theatre reopened thanks to the project by "Un paese" foundation and to a group of passionate volunteers, in 2013 the local Municipality started new restoration works. 

This was undoubtely inspired by the experience of the close Teatro Sociale in Gualtieri, a public good recovered with the effort of local citizens. New restoration works financed by the Municipality of Luzzara finished in 2018 with the opening of the new Teatro Sociale Luzzara, entitled to Danilo Donati, hosting 99 seats. 
This place, in the heart of the small town, has finally been given back to the territory through a strong social effort. 

Last update 01/06/2021