Reggia di Colorno

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Reggia di Colorno

The Reggia di Colorno is an amazing synthesis about histories and styles: today the visitor can see projects, works and dynasties that have followed during the centuries with different fortunes.

The sumptuous palace was the Farnese Family, Borbone Family and Maria Luigia d'Austria, Napoleon's wife residence. 
The two wide rooms of the nobile floor, furnished with preciuos furniture from 1700 and decorated with marble and stucco and frescoes of various eras, offer a lot of different reasons to apreciate the luxury of this place. 
There is also two lounges, carpeted with papers with exotic designs and the collection of the porcelain of the manufactures of Meissen and Sévreés, which reflect the Duchess Luisa Elisabetta's, France king Luigi XV's dauther, preference, who lived here with her husban Filippo di Borbone during the late XVIII century.

On the opposite, the big Ducal St. Liborio Chapel, wanted by Francesco Farnese in 1722. The internal space rapresents a rare example of perfect integration of architettonic structure, furnish and ornamen, thanks to its recent execution and to the abcence of in relief transformation. 
The Church has one of the most interesting and precious ancient organ, build by Sarassi Brothers between 1792 and 1796.

Near St. Liborio, there is the Duke Ferdinando di Borbone apartment, where in which there are precious frescoes painted by Antonio Bresciani, representing religious scenes.
On the last floor, there is the Astronomic Observatory where on the in the vault are depicted the rose of the winds and the zodiacal signs and of great illusionistic effect is the perspective of the balcony painted at the point connecting with the vault.

It is present also a historical Garden, recently restored, described by the voyagers as a place of pleasure and beauty, realized by Francesco Farnese in the early XVIII century, following Ferdinando Galli Bibiena project, which represents an important marriage between the italian and French gardens characteristics..

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