Km 90 Risto Bottega Emiliana

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    Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 280/A - Fidenza
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Km 90 Risto Bottega Emiliana

Km 90 Restaurant represents the flavor evolution, synthesis of a new concept for unifying sale and administration, tradition and innovation. 

It is in the center of a gastronomic region which has the majority of PDO and PGI products, agricultural and productive biodiversities, knowledge and flavors which characterize the Food Vally and the most known gastronomic tradition in Italy. 

The Km90 Restaurant is at the Fidenza highway exit

In the ground floor, in the Ristobottega is possibility to buy or taste typical products, selected by Silvano Romani, a wide choose between cured meat cutting board, grilled meat, traditional first and second courses, pairing with a good glass of wine.

In the bar is possibile to taste selected coffee, sweets, salt aperitif, artisanal beers and so on. 

On the first floor, close to the show kitchen, there is the Emiliano Restaurant, where stay and have a relaxed moments in a quite and relaxed atmosphere. 

There is a à la carte menù for lunch and dinner, recipes from the best gastronomical tradition in the Emilian land, for enjoying the best tasting experience. 

All perfumes and flavors are guaranteed and selected by Silvano Romani. 

Last update 01/06/2021