Il Gruccione - Locanda del Tempo Ritrovato

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Il Gruccione - Locanda del Tempo Ritrovato

In the heart of the Alta Val Nure mountain, after eight years of opening on the hills of the Val d'Arda, the new Gruccione – Locanda del Tempo Ritrovato continues its life, with the management of a sort of Apennine hut obtained from an old barn and granary, to promote convivial hospitality, offer local cuisine, poor, including vegan and fish, and spread culture. 

Il Gruccione is an international multi-service B&B that proudly offers rural hospitality; in the area in which it is currently located, noise and light pollution are almost absent. There are rooms, a restaurant, a shop selling local products, a camper stop, a tourist information point with free wi-fi. The potential of the place leads us to think of a tourism project that values ​​slowness, listening, silence from which relationships, sharing and peace can arise. 

The new Il Gruccione Locanda del Tempo Ritrovato is in Alta Val Nure, in the province of Piacenza, near the Via degli Abati, at an altitude of 750 meters, in an area of ​​great naturalistic interest, above the twelve waterfalls of the Perino waterfalls, quite close to the Trebbia river and Bobbio. 
Visible: fawns, roe deer, badgers, foxes, squirrels, hares and many birds.

Last update 01/06/2021