Il Fucorè

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Il Fucorè

The good honey of Valtidone, when a hobby becomes a profession.

Il Fucorè is a small agricultural reality, on the hills of Borgonovo Val Tidone.
Ours is a passion that was born, almost as a hobby, in the year 2000.
A pleasure that immediately involved us, attending theoretical and practical courses with some beekeepers.
In 2004 we decided to realize this passion by creating the farm, our dream, a full-time hobby with all its difficulties but also a lot of satisfaction in overcoming them.
To our customers who express the desire to get to know the beekeeping world more closely, we offer the opportunity to see a hive populated with its queen, her industrious bees and drones (fucorè “the king drone” remains a fictional name).

The honey produced by Il Fucorè is extracted by mechanical centrifugation without heat treatments and is all from Piacenza: acacia, dandelion, lime, chestnut, wildflower and honeydew.


Home deliveries are possible, contact us on whatsapp at 347/1106764, or by email to

For those wishing to stay in Valtidone, surrounded by greenery and away from the noise of the city, we offer hospitality in our small Bed & breakfast.

Last update 01/06/2021