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Corte della Maddalena R&B

Corte della Maddalena, a place where you can listen and learn the stories of the Apennines, or listen to the silence of a stone nest barely interrupted by the chirping of robins. 
From here you can go on a trek into the heart of the forest or on towards the mountains; or you can go further where the great river is born or where an old silver mine is hidden. 
A place where you can focus and write, or work together to build a group.
This is a romantic place, designed to pamper a love story but it is also a place where a family can stay all together. 
A place where you can regain your energies and wake up in the morning overlooking the ridge of the mountains.

Corte della Maddalena (The Court of Magdalena) is the last of the ancient courts that once inhabited the country of Busana, a small village in the upper valley of the river Secchia, in the heart of the National Park of the Tuscan- Emilian Apennines.

The original name of the Court was “Ca' e Gaitan” - Gaetano Canedoli, the tax collector of Busana in the early 1800. It was he who built this house in the heart of the old town right opposite the Barracks of the Dragons of the Duke of Modena.
A house that the Canedoli family, of discrete economic possibilities, dedicated to working activities, to animals, to the care of chestnuts such as the old squeegee that still smelled of burnt wood when the renovations of this house started.

A house that Vincenzo and Rosi bought years ago because of a hidden dream that slowly became reality: transforming an ancient house of the Apennines into a hospitality venue. But we are speaking of a special kind of hospitality – one that aspires to become a powerful emotion, a moment of peace, a dive into history and nature and which leaves the guest with the desire to return.
For all these reasons, Corte della Maddalena was born and grew under the hands of skilled stone workers. The Court slowly emerged from the past; it was as if the chisel and the stone blocks were guided by the ancient "picchiarini" of the land of the Apennines.
Corte della Maddalena unites stone with wood, when possible, ancient chestnut or oak with iron, as is the case of the inner stairwell or the comfortable beds in all the rooms.
A Court which takes its name from Saint Magdalene worshiped on Mount Ventasso, the sacred peak which dominates and protects the village. A name that hides an ancient history, lost in the myths of a mountain village.

The Court has:

  • three double bedrooms
  • two large bedrooms with adjoining studio convertible into a second bedroom
  • a lounge area equipped with a projection screen and a seating capacity of 20 people
  • fully enclosed yard, with a smaller seat capacity
  • in the backyard there is a relax area with grass and mountain view.

The breakfast is made, as far as possible, with local products at Km 0.
In special cases and on request we can organize theme dinners, with both local cuisine and traditional Mediterranean dishes.
On request it is possible to organize guided trekking tours, with the two guides, Vincenzo and Rosi, certified environmental guides.
Free Wi-Fi and two Internet Points.
Corte della Maddalena is available for cultural events, concerts, romantic weddings, simple overnights.
For companies, it is possible to book the entire court and take advantage of all the related services, including guides who will accompany team-building activities.
For those arriving by train or airplane to Reggio Emilia, Parma and Bologna, we can organize a shuttle bus to Corte della Maddalena (extra tax).

Last update 01/06/2021