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CoolTour Piacenza

CoolTour was founded in Bobbio in 2006 out of a passion for culture and the territory.

The cooperative's flagship are the educational workshops and in particular the workshop "The ABC of the amanuensis" linked to the activity of the prestigious Bobbio scriptorium, which attracts a flow of over two thousand students from all over Italy every year. 
Over the years, the cooperative has built a strong collaboration with local schools through a series of heritage education projects and has worked to increase the attractiveness of the area, participating in major national tourism fairs and at Expo 2015, forging partnerships with associations and individuals that share the same mission. 
In 2018 it consolidates its collaboration with the Diocese, begun in 2015 with the opening of the Mazzolini Collection Museum, signing an agreement for the management of the Piacenza Cathedral Museum - Kronos.

As a result, the membership expanded, from three to eleven members, and was enriched with new professional skills: tourist guides, restorers, architects, art historians, considerably widening its range of action, from the ValTrebbia to the entire province of Piacenza and the neighbouring provinces (Cremona, Lodi, Parma) through the conception of new cultural proposals.

Last update 03/03/2023