Casanuova Farmhouse

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    Strada Provinciale Carobbio, 11 - Tizzano Val Parma
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Agriturismo Casanuova

Forty years ago we made a lifestyle choice that led us to move from the city to the mountains and to live in respect for nature.

We produce ourselves, as far as possible, what is necessary for our livelihood and for the guests of the organic farm.

The green, the clear air and the silence. The nocturnal calls and the adventures of wild animals, the smells of moss and wet earth. The thunder and lightning so close, but above all the awareness of having to make do and create something from the new, have irremediably bewitched us and it was easy, ultimately, to choose this place and not others.
Today we understand better and we really realize how much simple values ​​satisfy and are indispensable more than the unbridled pursuit of useless needs.

It often happens after dinner, when the work is finished, to entertain ourselves with our guests to get to know each other, while our boys love to suggest visits and excursions to those who ask for it.

Last update 01/06/2021