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    Via Filippo Turati, 28 - Quattro Castella
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    Tour Operator
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    SPA & Outdoor
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Canossa Events

At Canossa Events we have a big passion for beauty, elegance and taste. And we plan every single detail meticulously, because we know details make the difference. These values are shared throughout the company, and we all strive to create ever more memorable experiences. We love challenges, because every difficult test brings out the best in us. 

A decade ago, in 2011, we started out with a team of just four people, but our ranks have swelled to incorporate a core team of more than 40 people, as well as around 100 passionate collaborators. This dedicated team covers everything from customer care to motorsport and driving activities, and from food and beverages to travel and accommodation

We run more than 250 events every year, from small, single-day gatherings to large, multi-day bonanzas. 

Last update 20/08/2021