Notte della fotografia a Piacenza

A night dedicated to photography in the city center

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    Teatro Manicomics and others places
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    Art and exhibtion, Festival
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    Culture & Castles
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    17 - 18 May 2024
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The 2024 edition of the Notte della fotografia - Night of Photography in Piacenza offers the theme "Contemporary Challenges" and doubles the event by offering a preview on Friday, May 17, and an evening of free screenings in some of the city's iconic locations on Saturday, May 18, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Opening the festival is Anders Petersen Swedish master of photography, who screens Café Lehmitz at the Manicomics Theater on Via Scalabrini.

On Saturday evening the screening venues will be: 

  • Palazzo Farnese, Piazza Cittadella, 29 with screenings by: Ander Petersen "Napoli," Giulia Mangione "Halfway Mountain," Michele Nastasi "Starchitecture"
  • Liceo Gioia, Risorgimento Avenue, 1 with screenings by: Gregg Segal "7 Days of Garbage", Giulia Mangione "The Fall", Emanuela Erno "3.3.33", Bob Miller "Il sogno di Zoey"
  • Manicomics Theater, 19 Scalabrini St. with screenings by: 5 di Zero "Trip to Romania"
  • Sala dei Teatini, Via Scalabrini, 9 with screenings by: Giovanni Chiaramonte "L'altro_nei volti, nei luoghi(The Other_in Faces, Places)", Luisa Dörr "Firsts," Francesco Comello "L'isola della salvezza(The Island of Salvation)"
  • Santa Maria in Cortina, Via G. Verdi, 46 with screenings by: Luisa Dörr "Imilla," Mattia Balsamini "Protege Nocte," Matteo Capone "S.I.N.," Georg Erlacher "Paradise lost," Natasha Rivellini "La resistenza del giardino(The resistance of the garden)"


  • Teatro Manicomics
    Teatro Manicomics, Via Scalabrini, 19 - Piacenza (Piacenza)
  • Sala dei Teatini
    Sala dei Teatini, Via Scalabrini, 9 - Piacenza (Piacenza)
  • Palazzo Farnese
    Palazzo Farnese, Piazza Cittadella, 29 - Piacenza (Piacenza)
  • and others places
17 - 18 May 2024
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  • Free

Information offices

IAT R Piacenza
Piazza Cavalli, 7 - Piacenza (PC)
+ 39 0523 492001 Opening: Annual
Last update 23/04/2024

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