Ugo Celada da Virgilio. Enigma antico e moderno

The new exhibition at the Labyrinth of Fontanellato

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The Masone Labyrinth, near Fontanellato and not far from Parma, will host the exhibition Ugo Celada da Virgilio. Ancient and modern enigma, by Cristian Valenti from 7 May to October 15 2023.

With the desire to describe an artist who, although isolated from the contemporary art circuit of the twentieth century, and for this reason not included in the critical debate of the time, was able to cross the last century by informing himself about what was happening, appropriating the references of the figurative culture both past and contemporary to him and reworking them through the filter of his style which he kept intact and constant throughout his life. 

The exhibition displays about fifty works by Celada and other artists compared with him, mostly from private collections. The itinerary develops in three rooms that retrace the genres tackled by the painter: family affections, nudes, portraits and still lifes. 

More information on the exhibition on the Labyrinth website.

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