Un piede nell'Eden - Luigi Ghirri and other looks

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In Reggio Emilia, inside the Museums Palace, a rich and articulated tour dedicated to the natural element starting from Luigi Ghirri's photographic research of the seventies and eighties, invites us to reflect on the natural element and on the need for its relocation within our perceptive horizon.

The research work, done upon invitation by Ghirri, by thirteen artists (Andrea Abati, Olivo Barbieri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Joan Fontcuberta, Mimmo Jodice, Gianni Leone, Francesco Radino, Olivier Richon, George Tatge, Ernesto Tuliozi, Fulvio Ventura, Varena Von Gagern and Cuchi White), shares the aim of recognizing the existence of the natural element and the need for its relocation within our perceptive horizon in which it often occupies a secondary and background role.

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