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Palazzo Tarasconi in Parma celebrates the centenary of the birth of Roy Lichtenstein (New York 1923)

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Palazzo Tarasconi celebrates the centenary of the birth of Roy Lichtenstein (New York 1923), one of the greatest interpreters of 20th century art and a master of Pop ART.

The exhibition presents the numerous themes addressed by the great American artist through a selection of over 50 works (editions and serigraphs, experiments on metal, fabrics and plastic as well as photographs and videos) from prestigious European and American collections.

Although his debuts in lithography and woodcuts date back to 1948, followed two years later by etching and aquatint prints, it was after the "heroic" period of pop art, the first half of the 1960s, that his work and experimentation in the field of technical reproducibility systematically flanked that of painting, implemented with an equally rigorous methodology and organized by variations of the pictorial themes that the artist had developed over the years.

Lichtenstein worked on his subjects without ever superimposing different series at the same time, dedicating a limited period of work to each one.
So the exhibition, following a mainly chronological trend that coincides with a thematic development, traces Lichtenstein's entire artistic career starting from the 1960s, in which we find his themes and genres, from comics and advertising, still life, landscape, the forays into abstraction and the forms of the great masters, the two-dimensional interiors, up to the series of female nudes.

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